Powering Decentralized
P2P Commerce

Vera is an open protocol that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of physical assets on the blockchain.

The Vera vision:

The most cost-efficient P2P commerce infrastructure that empowers billions of businesses, brands, and consumers.

Reinvent retail.

Transform the global economy.

Deliver access to consumer markets.

"If Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network to allow online payments sent between strangers without relying on a financial institution, then Vera will enable peer-to-peer networks to allow physical goods to be exchanged between parties without relying on a big tech oligopoly."

Vera is for everyone

Buying, selling, or loaning things between strangers should be as easy and cheap as sending an email no matter where you live, what you do, or how much you earn.


Vera will be accessible to anyone with an entry-level NFC-enabled smartphone and data connectivity.

Smart Tag Ready

Vera integrates with existing wireless RFID & NFC smart tags technology standards for exchanging data.

Verified by Oracles

Vera uses decentralized blockchain oracles to ensure secure connectivity between real-world data and blockchain smart contracts.

Fast & Low Cost

Vera eliminates middleman fees and will be more efficient and low cost compared to existing decentralized oracle solutions.


Vera will foster an ecosystem of products and services to make decentralized commerce a competitive alternative.


Vera is a protocol built on a blockchain with security and privacy in mind.

Vera is led by a diverse team

In order to build the world's first decentralized P2P commerce network, Vera has formed a team passionate about furthering Satoshi Nakamoto's vision and having diverse skillsets in e-commerce, IoT, embedded systems, data science, and blockchain technologies.

Denis Lam

Co-Founder & Captain

  • First code at 6 and first e-commerce startup at age 14
  • 10+ years serial entrepreneur and digital transformation engineer for startups and Fortune 500 enterprises
  • Previous startup selected by a Fortune 500 manufacturer to develop an e-commerce PoC using blockchain, IoT, and Big Data technologies
  • BE at University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering - Biotechnology, EECS

Michael Arbach

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

  • 15+ years software developer for Fortune 500 companies
  • Chief Blockchain Architect for KodakOne media licensing rights management platform; over $1 million in licensing claims processed
  • Chief Blockchain Architect for BitRail, a FinCEN complaint crypto platform powering 4.5M users and $600M annual transactions
  • Blockchain enthusiast and Ethereum seed investor and early developer
  • MS Applied Math & Computer Science from People's Friendship University of Russia

Sanjeev Verma, PhD

Chief Scientific Advisor

  • 20 U.S. patents (12 granted, 8 pending)
  • 18+ years leading R&D and Embedded Systems Security teams at Nokia, Samsung and other Fortune 500 companies
  • Domain expert in IoT, embedded systems, cybersecurity
  • PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Toronto

Danny Yang, PhD

Chief Data Scientific Advsior

  • Founder of Blockseer, an AI blockchain analytics company (acquired in 2018)
  • Founder of Maicoin, first fiat-crypto exchange in Taiwan
  • Founder of ScoreData and Seravia data science companies
  • Early employee at Like.com (acquired by Google in 2010)
  • BA in Chemistry & Physics from Harvard and PhD in Computer Science from Stanford

Rex Wong

Product Strategy Advisor

  • Founding investor of Applied Semantics (acquired by Google in 2003 and became AdSense)
  • CEO/Founder of Fliqs Media, an AI e-commerce monetization engine for influencers
  • Chairman of iVideoSmart, a global TV network with over 500 million users
  • 25+ years serial entrepreneur in Internet, media, and software with successful exits creating shareholder value in excess of $1 billion dollars

Our Work Experience


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