Powering Decentralized NFT

Vera is an open protocol that enables peer-to-peer DeFi use cases of digital and real-world NFT assets on the blockchain.

The Vera vision:

The ultimate NFT infrastructure that empowers billions of businesses, brands, and consumers.

Reinvent retail.

Transform the global economy.

Deliver access to consumer markets.

"If Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network to allow online payments sent between strangers without relying on a financial institution, then Vera will enable peer-to-peer networks to allow NFTs to be exchanged between parties without relying on a big tech oligopoly."

Vera is for everyone

Buying, selling, or loaning things as NFTs between strangers should be as easy and cheap as sending an email no matter where you live, what you do, or how much you earn.

Easy to Use

Vera will allow anyone to create, manage, and transact assets without any required technical know-how.

Smart Contracts & Tags

Vera's smart contracts integrates with NFC smart tags to enable the secure creation of real-world NFT assets.

Verified by Oracles

Vera uses decentralized blockchain oracles to ensure secure connectivity between real-world data and NFT applications.

Fast & Low Cost

Vera eliminates middleman fees and will be more efficient and low cost compared to existing solutions.


Vera reduces the go-to-market time for an ecosystem of decentralized NFT applications, enabling the Web 3.0 world.


Vera is built on the blockchain with security and censorship-resistance in mind so you actually own 100% of your NFT assets!

Join our mission to preserve our right to asset ownership and open access to consumer markets.

Stay informed about our white paper release, token sale, and mission to transform commerce.